Tech that never appeared

As part of Logitech G’s Play Without Limits campaign, Dialect were charged with producing content that would work well at customer awareness level. The challenge was to introduce the concept of the innovative new POWERPLAY wireless charging system to a broad audience. Ideally in a way that was entertaining and didn’t hit people over the head with hard sells.

We wanted to avoid going into great detail about how the product actually works, aiming for a wider, less tech-literate audience. So we told a different story. The idea of technology that has been discussed for years, yet has, for whatever reason, never quite made it into production, seemed like a solid hook. So we used animation and VO to create a piece that explained why we haven’t yet got teleporters, or bionics, or faster than light travel and when we might actually see it. 

The piece concluded with the news that Logitech G had conquered wireless charging and that it was, unlike the other examples in the video, available now.

The video was extremely successful. Tapping into a broad interest in the future of ‘game changing’ technology, it performed well across both YouTube and social media platforms.

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