Street styling Mass Effect

During the build up to the launch of BioWare’s Mass Effect: Andromeda, Logitech G wanted to draw attention to its limited edition Mass Effect: Andromeda gaming gear. The hardware featured a bold graphic treatment straight out of the Mass Effect universe – a marriage of technology, gaming culture and style. Which got us thinking.


To create this piece of a larger body of campaign work, Dialect collaborated with British illustrator Nathan Clair. We decided to evolve the gaming culture and style pieces to their logical conclusion, by taking key characters from the game and producing illustrations showing them in the latest streetwear trends. Our goal was to introduce Logitech G’s custom designed Mass Effect: Andromeda gaming gear to not only gamers, but broader audiences also interested in tech, fashion and design.

The suite of illustrations included 100-year-old youngster Pelessaria ‘Peebee’ B’Sayle wearing Supreme, battle veteran Nakmor Drack in Gosha Rubchinskiy and clean-cut hero Scott Ryder going boho in Japanese imprint Needles. The work was disseminated as both illustrations – featured on Hypebeast – and as a social video. The result was a unique execution bringing the worlds of gaming and street style together in a memorable and shareable way.