Logitech G ‘Hero video’ series

Logitech G is the global leader in high quality gaming peripherals and Dialect were tasked with producing a series of short films to show this. We captured the inspirational stories behind the three pillars of Logitech G’s creativity – design, technology and innovation – explaining it to an audience with differing levels of technical understanding.




By leveraging Logitech G’s internal expertise in the fields of design, technology and innovation, we pieced together the stories. We were able to hear directly from the teams behind the work and learn how they identify and overcome challenges. As viewers we get a clear understanding of the team’s ingenuity and see how it has directly led to great advances in gaming technology.

Three videos were produced. The first looks at Logitech G’s Design Lab, where the design and engineering teams analyze performance data and apply insights through a design lens. The second piece focuses on innovation and how the engineering teams tackle the challenges of wireless gaming, while inventing new technologies that really drive the industry forward. While the third video focuses on the groundbreaking technology behind Logitech G’s wireless charging PowerPlay system. The result was a suite of captivating short films that champion Logitech G’s dedication by emphasizing its team’s passion and insight.


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