Logitech G Challenge

Working in conjunction with McLaren and Logitech G, Dialect was asked to create a series of short films showcasing the Logitech G Challenge – a global competition to find the world’s greatest sim-racer. The films were shot on location at events in Paris, Sao Paulo, Taipei and London.

Logitech G Challenge Europe

Logitech G Challenge Semi-Finals

Logitech G Challenge LATAM

Dialect’s approach was to turn each event into a short story, showcasing the players’ journeys over the course of the tournament. We utilized location footage (shot by our in-house production team), post-event interviews and footage of the players at home with their gaming setup. A further video revisited the winners as they took part in the semi-finals to provide a conclusion to their stories.

The result was three unique, bang-on-brief films with an emotionally stirring narrative. We managed to capture the human story behind the digital event, showing just how much it means to the competitors and their supporters, as well as giving a strong sense of the tension, the passion and the will to win. The films were universally lauded by McLaren, Logitech G, the contestants themselves and the online audience.