The official Dungeons & Dragons
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With more than four decades in existence, Wizards of the Coast’s enormously popular Dungeons & Dragons has become the world’s biggest role-playing game, boasting millions of active players. Years after the final issue of Dragon, the award-winning, official D&D print magazine, was published, Dialect were asked to create a spiritual successor to the publication. One for the digital age.

Dialect’s approach was creating Dragon+, a free app built from the ground up for mobile devices celebrating all-things Dungeons & Dragons. The app bursts with exceptionally high-quality content, including game strategies and in-depth looks at D&D storylines, art work, characters and lore. The product features exclusive interviews, videos, an ongoing comic book series and lots more.

The result is a gorgeously designed and feature-packed mobile companion to D&D, published bi-monthly. Dragon+ serves as a gateway for existing hardcore players and new fans to immerse themselves in the world of D&D.


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