Faux 80s Commercial

To tease the launch of Logitech G’s latest gaming innovation (POWERPLAY a system that keeps compatible wireless mice – like the G903 and G703 – continuously charged) we were asked to produce something unusual. To be seeded online in advance of the launch, we were asked to create a talking-point video. A piece to get hardcore gamers talking and speculating about what it meant and what Logitech G were up to.

Dialect’s approach was to create an over-the-top, yet convincingly executed, 1980s-style TV commercial for Logitech’s ‘Self-Powering Mouse’, a product that never actually existed. We created a humorously bulky, unsophisticated and highly impractical looking product. Then set about scripting, casting and styling and the piece.

Our goal was to create a surprising video that pokes fun at the evolution of gaming technology, while provoking debate in the community as to whether this really was a long-lost video or convincing fakery. The final video provided much entertainment value for the community, created a discussion among viewers and suggested a more playful, self-aware side to the Logitech G brand.