Dialect Platform

We've worked with some of the biggest brands in the business... We know what works!

Dialect’s proprietary app solution delivers a uniquely searchable, uniquely sharable, uniquely successful content platform

One build delivers iOS and Android, content feeds, collectible issues, social connectivity, mCommerce, location functionality and more…

The Dialect platform

Dialect creates world-leading mobile apps. Apps that are truly discoverable and shareable, packed with exciting, surprising, informative and engaging content. We call them ‘companion apps’, as they’re the perfect mobile digital companion to your brand. 

Our unique proprietary development platform means your app will function as a true digital hub for all your brand communication – tying in seamlessly with your existing social channels, communities, marketing activity, retail engine and featuring our editorial, design and video content.  

We’re all about increasing brand loyalty through amazing content that comes from luminaries in your space and leveraging our app platform to make sure that once a piece of content is published, it goes everywhere.

1. Create once, publish everywhere
One button press launches your content to: All mobile devices in beautiful native apps, your website or web apps, and your social channels.
2. It ties easily into your existing system
It’s simple to pull in content coming from your existing CMS. We can pull from all your social media feeds and blogs. The app is kept up-to-date by continuously pulling any new content from any of the external data sources
3. Anyone can use it!
Powerful CMS with tiered levels of access for large user groups. If you can use Wordpress, you can use this. We’re happy to organize training for your staff.
4. Creates an app, and a desktop site
One push of a button and you publish to your mobile app and a desktop site. Your customers can access your content from anywhere. Magazine issues can be read ‘live’ without downloading - increasing open and read rates by 200%. We create companion apps for passionate audiences with the best expert editorial and up-to-the-minute breaking news.
5. It’s a magazine and news feed and anything in-between
Publish a regular magazine and up-to-the-minute news. Communicate with your audience however you want!
6. All content is searchable and shareable.
Every piece of content in the app is discoverable through search, both in the app and via search engines on the web, and everything found can be shared - even to people without the app: Articles can be viewed live online, anywhere, through any platform.
7. We offer world class content and design
The platform uses procedural and responsive design templates- your editors can create beautiful articles without design time. Dialect can also help create amazing, sticky content through our global editorial team. We can create any type of content that will engage your target audience from editorial to video. We can take on the entire project for you, or simply help with strategy & design.
8. Simple e-commerce integration
Supports integrating with various external Ad networks. Dialect enables complete management of subscription / purchase based revenues in your native iOS / Android apps. We can also pull in all the functionality of your existing e-commerce engine.
9. We prove everything that we do
Analytics helps measure and improve the engagement of your apps. The following type of statistics are collected out of the box using Dialect: Download statistics, Active Views, Number of Shared Content (using Facebook, Twitter and email), Time spent in the app, User Location information. Knowing this information, you can modify / focus on the areas in the app to improve engagement metrics.
10. It’s a world first!
No one but Dialect is offering this solution! It’s a genuine game-changer born out of an obsessive commitment to creating content that works for a mobile world. Get the jump on your competition now.

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