By combining digital advertising with world class content, we’re able to deliver ROI well above industry averages

With click through rates plummeting and ad costs skyrocketing, it’s clear to see that a new approach is required when it comes to paid media. Our unique solution is producing some incredible results for our clients, outperforming traditional paid media strategies by up to 1400%

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Why our approach to media planning and buying is effective

Combined with Content

Content attracts a greater level of engagement and produces a higher CTR. By combining world class content with contextual advertising, we’re able to produce amazing results for our clients


Most people visit a website once and never come back. If they’re on your website in the first place, they’re there for a reason. Retargeting ad solution is a great way to get them back and turn them into customers

Media Relationships

As publishers ourselves, we’ve established relationships with some of the biggest media companies in the world, this means you can expect better rates and better placements by utilising our media partners network


All of our paid media campaigns go through A/B testing. We do this to gain valuable insight into your customer’s habits and to continuously improve the performance of your paid media and increase ROI

Programmatic Advertising

By focusing on the demographics, interests, buying habits etc of your target audience, we’re able to buy ad placements in real time that will reach your target market in a way that traditional advertising simply can’t


Reports are produced weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually to give you a clear picture of how your campaigns are performing. All reports are visual and broken down into easily digestible insights

Dialect is one of those rare agencies that delivers both brilliant creative and cutting edge technology whilst always being on time and on budget

Fraser Townley, president, Gamevice

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