Logitech G YouTube

Originally, Logitech G’s YouTube channel was heavily populated with advertising and marketing content. Great to get a specific sense of the products, but unlikely to grow a vibrant, highly engaged gaming community. Logitech G wanted to change that; to use its channel to provide more editorial content with a broader gaming focus that the gaming audience would genuinely love.

Having defined the remit and established that Logitech G was completely comfortable with much of the content not directly promoting products, we set to work. We took over management and content creation of the channel and began working to transform it into a social video destination for all types of gamers. Assembling a crack-team of gaming experts, videographers and editors, we ideated and calendared a strong content mix using proven formats. Our original programming ranges from timely pieces that ride the waves of excitement around AAA product launches, to more evergreen list-style video features that celebrate games and gaming culture.

The results have been tremendous. There has been a huge growth in subscribers since the Dialect team took over hitting the 200k milestone in January 2019. Average views have exceeded our goals and client expectations. The channel is now transformed: daily content, a variety of regular themes and executions and a thriving, highly engaged community. This project proves that there really is no substitute for great content.