Companion App Development

All of your great content packed into one beautifully designed companion app

A digital magazine, a content hub, and whatever else you need a companion app to be, our companion app development team will deliver

The web becomes more fragmented by the day. There are countless devices and platforms that we now publish content on, each with their own unique set of requirements. Our companion app development solution gives you the ability to put all of that content in one beautifully designed space that is viewable on any device. It also gives you the ability to send notifications directly to the devices of your audience

Dragon+ is your official mobile source for all-things Dungeons & Dragons. In addition to ongoing up-to-the minute news updates, every second month you’ll enjoy a new issue of Dragon+ showcasing what’s new in Dungeons & Dragons – from backstory and world information to discussions about what’s coming next from the creators and developers of your favorite D&D products.

Why you should let us build you a companion app

Grow Your Content Reach

Most of your audience will miss the majority of content you publish online. A companion app helps make sure that your audience never miss updates and can enjoy more of your content as and when it’s published

Easily Shareable

All content on your brand’s companion app is easily shareable across social media and email platforms. This greatly furthers the reach of your content and will help grow your brand’s customer base

Works Seamlessly On All Devices

Content published on the app can be viewed easily on all mobile devices. When content is shared on social media, people viewing on a laptop or desktop will be taken to an automatically generated web page


When your audience downloads your companion app, you have the opportunity to send updates directly to their smartphones or tablets. This massively increases engagement with your content

Boosts Conversion

More than 30% of people that download our companion apps go on to make purchases, either in-app or through the websites of the brands we work with. Our apps can massively increase conversion rates

It Can Include All Your Feeds

Our companion apps centralise all your content whether it be from an RSS feed, social feed, or anything else you distribute on the web. This makes it easy for your audience to engage with you on their mobile devices

We can also publish a digital magazine on the app for you

If you want to WOW your audience, a free digital magazine published monthly or bi-monthly would be a great way to go about it. For a number of our clients we create beautifully designed digital magazines that are delivered through their companion apps. These magazines contain world class editorial and beautiful artwork you’d only expect to find in a high end magazine.

The great thing about these digital magazines is that they’re great pieces of content that will engage your audience in a way that will keep them coming back for every new issue.

Imagine what you can do with an audience like that!

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