Community management

Dialect build passionate, engaged communities around brands

Converting your consumers into brand advocates is one
of the most effective routes to a successful digital strategy.

At Dialect we are expert in managing and growing digital communities. Crucially it’s about aligning the right content, with the right audience, at the right time. We create structured, and signposted brand environments, featuring regular scheduled content: weekly shows, event coverage, product/service spotlights, timely news, as well as loads of activity that encourages UGC.

Such work results in a branded digital environment that consumers actually want to spend time in. Giving them high-quality, entertaining and beneficial content around their passions, builds trust, goodwill and strong brand allegiance. Let us help you get your brand community off the ground.

Our results speak for themselves

Logitech YouTube channel

Grown from a marketing video channel to a vibrant, hugely engaged gaming community with over 200K subscribers.

The Official Dungeons & Dragons
Mobile Companion App

Our Dungeons & Dragons digital magazine Dragon+ has been a huge success – over 5.2 million articles read and over 386,000 new users since launch.