Seriously. See the heading? I’m serious, I’m about to spoil the movie for you. Don’t read on. DON’T READ ON…


Still reading? Weird isn’t it? Do you ever NOT read on when told explicitly that there’ll be spoilers? Perhaps spoilers that might genuinely degrade the potential enjoyment of an up and coming ‘thing’? I never don’t read on. I always spoil. I always charge ahead, read the stuff and then think, mmm… ‘I wonder if that’s true?’ That’s what I do. I expect that’s what many people do. I’d love to know the percentage and demographic split of people ambivalent, on the fence, or rendered furious by reading a spoiler. That’d be some next level pixel tracking right there. Is that possible yet? When will we be able to pie chart self-inflicted emotion?

Anyway, apparently Spidey fights Cap and T’Chaka (Black Panther’s dad) dies. So now, tell me, how do you feel?

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