As humans, we’re hardwired to love a good story. Stories help us learn about the world around us, they help us develop, they entertain us, they inspire us, they warn us. That’s why brand storytelling is such an effective and compelling way of connecting with your audience.

We actively seek out stories every day. We go to cinemas to engross ourselves in an entertaining story, we go to lunch with friends to hear the latest stories from their lives, we visit news websites to hear about the latest stories from around the world, and we peruse YouTube videos for any new stories that may pique our interest.

We’re all story junkies.

That’s why a brand’s story is where it’s real value lies.

It’s what differentiates a business, allows a business to charge more money for it’s products, and what keeps it’s customers coming back for more.

It’s your brand’s story that resonates with your audience above everything else.

What is brand storytelling?

You may be thinking that brand storytelling is just another buzzword to add to the pile, but to be honest, brand storytelling is something that is ingrained in your brand whether you know it or not.

Small Business Trends have a good definition for brand storytelling.

“Your brand story is more than what you tell people. It is what they believe about you based on all the signals your brand sends out. The story is a complete picture of the facts, feelings and interpretations, which are shared about your business by you, your customers, your community and the public in general”

I believe this is a good definition because it highlights the fact that you can influence your brand story, but you can never take full control over it. This is because it incorporates the experience people have with your brand, which will be different for every single individual.

With this in mind, here are 5 great examples of brand storytelling and why they’re so effective.

1. eBay Thanks You

What I find really effective about this campaign is the way eBay uses it’s customers to tell it’s story.

Each video looks at different scenarios and reasons as to why people use eBay. From a buyer’s perspective to how eBay is used for charity auctions, eBay have been able to communicate the capabilities of their product across a number of different cases.

This series of videos is really engaging because it gives us, the viewers, a snapshot into the lives of eBay’s customers, businesses using eBay, and celebrities using it for charitable purposes. I can see exactly how these videos could inspire action from the people viewing them.

With over a million views, this campaign gets a big thumbs up from me.

2. The LEGO Story

In this video, LEGO take the concept of brand storytelling literally. They tell their actual story.

At over 17 minutes long, you could be forgiven for thinking that this video is too long. However, LEGO pack over 80 years of their history into a short animated film that is both entertaining and informative.

It turns out LEGO’s story is really interesting, and as soon as you press play, I’m confident you’ll watch this video all the way through.

As a result of watching this video you’ll know a lot about LEGO as a company and the struggles they went through over the years. From a young man making toys in a workshop in the 1930s to the toy supergiant it is today, this film takes you right back to LEGO’s roots.

With over 10 million views on YouTube, it seems I’m not the only one to be enthralled by this story.

3. Whole Foods Market – Values Matter

Whole Foods Market has built a brand based on sustainable food production and transparency about where their products come from.

That’s why I like the Values Matter series of videos they’ve created. They tell you the stories, from around the world, of the work they and their customers are doing.

The video above is a great example.

There is some beautiful footage of the Norwegian mountains and fjords that sets the scene for Whole Foods Market to deliver their micro-documentary on how they bring sustainably caught Norwegian cod to market.

What I particularly like about these videos is the beautiful cinematography and the interesting content that’s compiled into a documentary style video.

The videos are very i informative and give the viewers a strong sense of where their food is coming from.

4. Google – Year in Search

Google’s ‘Year in Search’ videos are released every year and give us a flavour of the most searched things on the web from the previous year.

In these videos Google try to style the videos in a way that matches the most searched for content on the web.

I find these videos really engaging because I’m interested in what the world searches for.

It seems I’m not the only one either as these videos have been viewed millions of times.

5. Airbnb – Wall and Chain

Powerful storytelling is the perfect way to convey a message. That’s why I love this piece by Airbnb.

It’s a very short film, less than 90 seconds, that tells the story of a man who was a Berlin Wall guard.

The demolition of the Berlin Wall symbolised freedom, something that fits very nicely with Airbnb’s core message of “Belong Anywhere” and this little story delivers that brand message very effectively.

With millions of views and a Webby nomination, this campaign seems to have struck a chord.

Want some help telling your story?

At Dialect we have a huge amount of combined experience and knowledge when it comes to brand storytelling, and as a result, we’re able to tell brand stories in a unique and compelling way.

We craft stories for some of the biggest brands on the web by utilising all of the different mediums available. From beautifully crafted text to engaging video, we can tell your story in a way that will keep your audience coming back for more.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help you, get in touch, we’d love to have a chat.

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