John Gower


A little bit about John

John has been working with the world’s most loved brands for over 20 years in Europe, Africa and North America. He has spearheaded the ‘branded content’ agencies of a number of global media organizations and has launched over 100 media channels, magazines & apps in a variety of verticals from food to fashion, games to gadgets and music to movies. John has helped tell the stories of such brands as Apple, BT, Best Buy, Sky, Odeon, Sony, NVIDIA & Microsoft, and in the process has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in incremental spend by driving love, loyalty and action from their customers. John is also a mentor and investor for various startups in emerging technologies and media.

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Why he loves what he does

I guess that by being born in London to a Welshman with a Rhodesian mother, it was inevitable that travel would play an important role in my life. It led me to study languages and ultimately fuelled my passion for learning about the world, and how the world does business. It drove me across Europe and Africa and then to San Francisco in 2007 where I lived in an increasingly mixed culture of an American wife and 3 young boys.

Cultural anthropology is an exciting pursuit, not only as it relates to travel and exploring different cultures around the world, but, in my case, working with the varied and unique cultures of brilliantly creative brands. Understanding what makes them tick and discovering how to connect their passion with an equally passionate audience, whilst figuring out the strategy and technologies to deliver and analyze these interactions – now that fascinates me.