Jim McCauley

Editor-in-Chief, Games and Technology

A little bit about Jim

Jim has been playing games for over 35 years and writing about them for the last 20. Starting at Future Publishing in 1995 he quickly advanced from Staff Writer to Features Editor on PC Format magazine before moving over to online, launching PC Gamer’s first website then working on Daily Radar UK, the forerunner to GamesRadar. He’s contributed to some of the leading titles in gaming, including Official Playstation Magazine, Edge and GamesMaster, and while recent years have seen him working for graphic design titles, his heart has never left gaming.

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Why he loves what he does

I’ve loved video games ever since my dad brought home one of those early TV game systems that were basically four Pong variants in one, and I’ve always had a flair for prose, so writing about video games has always been a natural fit for me, and it’s allowed me to follow the progress of one of the world’s fastest-moving businesses and engage with many brilliant people along the way.