George Walter

Global Editor-in-Chief

A little bit about George

George is a walking dichotomy. His 20 year career in creative, editorial and digital has included roles at the coalface of leading technology, music and entertainment brands. But he has never watched Game of Thrones. He prefers PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4, refuses to watch modern CGI movies, over obscure 1970s Turkish horror and still buys records. The little ones, at that.

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7 inch records not yet owned
Types of IPA drank
Times should have just said 'no'
Times sat on Mr T's lap
Why he loves what he does

Making things is fun. Making things that cause other people to be happy, excited, moved or inspired is also fun. Making things and then being able to put them in front of millions of people is the funnest. That’s the best thing about doing what I do. I also like playing 80s boogie records to small but appreciative crowds of middle-aged ex-ravers in provincial Somerset backwoods. And I cook like a badass.