David Boddington

Global Head of Video

A little bit about David

With more than 12 years of experience in traditional broadcast and digital video media production, Dave has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Biology, Dave began his career at the Discovery Channel, before working for the History Channel, Sky, and Endemol. In 2008 he saw the growth potential of the online video space and made the leap to Future Publishing, where he developed, launched, and ran a variety of gaming and entertainment video brands including FirstPlay, PlayStation Access, Nintendo TV, CVG, GamesRadar, and TotalFilm. Dave moved to the Yogscast in 2014, where he oversaw production and development for the UK’s largest group of YouTube channels, with more than 23 million subscribers and 6 billion views.

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Why he loves what he does

I’ve always been drawn to video production, and even used to shoot brilliant/dreadful stop-frame animations with Technic Lego as a kid (remember Ripley’s power loader from the end of Aliens?), but it was whilst at Uni that my passion really crystalized. I was studying Biology, but became heavily involved with the student newspaper, followed by the radio station (even managed to bag a BBC award for the breakfast show! Ah, the heady days of youth…) and finally the on-campus TV station. The combination of scholarly wildlife study and media production swiftly led me into the wide open arms of the Discovery Channel, and since then I’ve been lucky enough to indulge a variety of other passions through work. Videogames, tech, sports, science and history; all things I love to engage with both on and off the clock.