Chris Imlay

Global Head of Design

A little bit about Chris

With more than fourteen years of design experience in games, technology, and general-interest publishing, Chris has become a truly bitter old man. Also, he has worked on a variety of magazines with Future US Publishing (where he eventually became the Creative Director of the Games Group) including Mac Life, Maximum PC, Official Xbox, Official PlayStation and Nintendo Power. Also, also, be was a Senior Designer at WIRED Magazine.

He is definitely one of those “form follows function” types of designing person, who thinks of design more as a problem solving and system building pursuit, rather than a “make things look pretty” pursuit.

Bands in: Terrible
Bands in: Good
Chris actually gets paid to design things.

When not arguing for minimalist design with coworkers who will remain unnamed, Chris can sometimes be found playing table tennis, Katamari Damacy, or his 1964 Sears Silvertone semi-hollow guitar in a terrible band you’ve never heard of.  You might find him reading history books, science fiction books, The Economist, or Wait But Why (thanks Stephen!). He might be watching a costume drama on PBS, Murder She Wrote, or Fawlty Towers yet again. He might even be trying to StreetPass with your 3DS right now. \(゚ー゚\)