Audience engagement

At Dialect, as well as delivering high quality and engaging content, we work hard to place it in front of the right people at the right time, as they move from discovery of your brand and products towards sale

Our research team will work right from the start of a project to help define and articulate your audience. This feeds into both the content creation process, but also the planning and execution of the distribution strategy. Whether it’s across traditional gaming and technology websites, lifestyle media outlets or social media.

Our media planning team will execute a full-funnel distribution strategy; content will then drive views, engagement and reach. We’ll get your audience in front of the right content in a timely manner and in the most cost efficient way possible. Moving consumers through brand awareness, deep dive consideration pieces and into the demand generation phase, where we’ll activate PPC and lower funnel activity.

  • Awareness

    Digital touchpoints: Social content, partner content, influencer content, owned content. Media driving content underpins above

  • Consideration

    Digital touchpoints: Partner content, influencer content, owned content and media retargeting

  • Conversion

    Digital touchpoints: Media retargeting and owned content

  • Retention

    Digital touchpoints: CRM (email) and media retargeting

Our data and reporting teams will provide real-time access to reporting as well as weekly, monthly and campaign wrap up reports, via a bespoke reporting engine. We’ll provide real business insights, sales data and recommendations that will feed in across all of your marketing efforts.

Our media teams are also able to act as an independent media planning and buying agency. We have specialists in all aspects of digital marketing from PPC, social media, programmatic and bespoke endemic executions. We run a full technology stack that includes Google Marketing Platform, Amazon Media DSP and all paid social platforms. Dialect are experts in analytics and have data analysts on hand to help explain and interpret campaign data within your organisation.