Logitech G x Hip Hop

Logitech G’s G433 headset is designed both for gaming and music; a crossover product, it’s intended to help bring the cultures of gaming and a broader lifestyle closer together. Our challenge was to illustrate this in a way that didn’t seem stagey and laboured, but rather authentic and entirely believable.

We chose to produce a mini-documentary film, focusing on a pair of talented musicians from Peckham in South East London. We followed hip hop producers Shem Lawrence and Lukman Shoge of Blackmale Beats as they used the G433 headphones for both gaming and then DJing at a local bar.

Along the way we learn about the duo’s love of video games, how video game music feeds into their work, their broader musical influences, their style and more. The result was an extremely successful video that shows the headphones used in everyday life, framed through the lens of hip hop culture, street style and creativity.


The video was a great success with over 1M video views, plus 2576 ‘Hypes’ on HYPEBEAST.