Stephen Pearce

Global Editorial Director

A little bit about Stephen

With over 15 years experience of editorial and creative direction, Stephen has worked extensively throughout many verticals. His wealth of knowledge and creative passion have led to the development, execution and management of a huge roster of content driven products on tablets, smartphones, websites and in print. From award-winning print products, to award-winning digital magazines, Stephen has spent his career conceiving and delivering world-class creative in both the US and UK. Clients have included everyone from Virgin Holidays, Asda and Olympus, through to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Engineered Garments jackets
Favourite wife
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Marvel Comics love
Mistaken for Jude Law
Why he loves what he does

I’m fascinated by menswear, particularly artisan brands from Japan and the US – I try to reflect the craftspeople’s attention to detail in the creative work I produce. Electronica and hip-hop have formed the soundtrack to my life, and living in London, I get out and about a lot – seeing bands, attending galleries and museums – you never know where the next slice of inspiration will come from. I’m also a film bore. Ask me about Hawk the Slayer I dare you.

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