Hannah Tribe

Assistant Producer

A little bit about Hannah

Artist, Logistician and Perfectionist, Hannah is the swiss army knife of video production. Bringer of biscuits, plasters and helpful bits of string. More likely to communicate with hand signals than actual words, she’s a nice-bit-of-wall spotter and ‘let’s move this thing slightly to the left’erer.

She’s brought these particular and unusual skills to video projects for clients such as Morrisons, English Heritage, The Scout Association and The RSPB. She writes for Countryfile Magazine when the Editor lets her and will bore you to tears about 20th Century ceramics given half the chance.

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Emitted by the average sneeze
'Do not touch' signs flouted
Why she loves what she does

Beginning my career in video was a bit like running away to the circus. Spending days covered with glitter, burning myself on hot lights and meeting fascinating people. I also learned that the circus has infinitely complex logistics, health and safety concerns and countless other problems that need to be worked around. It’s problem solving and ingenuity that makes the show so spectacular and I love every single moment of it, I’m a round peg in a round hole.